Laser Dentistry Frederick, MD

Do you want a whiter smile? Do you require cavity treatment?

Laser dentistry is a versatile general dental solution that uses dental lasers to perform non-invasive and painless dental treatments. A dental laser is a handheld device that uses light-based energy to target and treat specific areas of the mouth. Dr. Sahil Goyal uses laser dentistry at the Frederick Center for Dentistry in Frederick, Maryland. If you are interested in this modern treatment option, call 301-264-5680, or request a dental exam online.

Pain-free Laser Dentistry in Frederick, MD

The Benefits of Dental Lasers

Dental lasers take the place of other dental tools, like scalpels, in various dental procedures. They eliminate the need to make incisions in the soft tissue. Treatment is more comfortable and leads to less downtime afterwards.

Without an incision, there’s less bleeding and you don’t need stitches or sutures to close the wound. The cauterization process that occurs with the heat and light energy allows the tissue to heal naturally.

With laser dentistry, most dentists don’t feel the need for sedation or even local anesthetics. Treatment with the laser is virtually painless and incredibly precise. You don’t have to worry about treatment impacting anywhere other than the exact treatment area.

The laser only targets diseased tissue and doesn’t impact any healthy structure around the treatment area. Lasers are less invasive and you experience less swelling and soreness when the procedure is over.

We especially recommend laser dentistry to patients that suffer from a fear of the dentist. The sound of a dental drill or the view of a scalpel during treatment trigger many people. However, lasers are virtually silent and just look like a wand when you’re about to get treatment from them. They can help put patients at ease because they’re getting comfortable and careful dental care.

Types of Laser Dentistry Solutions

Hard-Tissue Lasers: A hard tissue laser allows us to remove tooth structure while preserving healthy tooth enamel. This minimally invasive treatment ensures that your dentist can preserve your natural teeth.

Laser Gum Contouring: If you have a “gummy smile,” laser gum contouring can remove excess gum tissue for a more balanced smile. In addition, patients with periodontitis, or gum disease, benefit from laser gum contouring that removes infected tissue.

Laser Cavity Removal: Lasers offer pain-free cavity removal without the use of drills. During this procedure, Dr. Goyal uses a laser to heat the water molecules on the affected tooth. This process removes decay. Then, the dentist can effectively clean, disinfect, and fill the cavity to seal out infection.

Teeth Whitening: Laser tooth whitening is safer than other whitening methods because there is less wear on the enamel. Dr. Goyal will apply a peroxide paste and then heat it using a laser. The laser breaks down layers of stains on the tooth enamel quickly and effectively.

Laser Dentistry FAQs

What are the benefits of laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry is a minimally invasive treatment option that reduces the need for anesthesia. Lasers also reduce bleeding and swelling and even shorten downtimes after treatment. Patients experience an overall more comfortable treatment during and after their procedures. Laser dentistry can remove the need for drills and sutures, reduce anxiety, and make visiting the dentist a more pleasant experience.

Does dental insurance cover laser dentistry?

Coverage depends on how comprehensive your dental insurance plan is. Some providers cover common laser procedures because of their restorative nature. But others only cover part or none of the procedures. To see if your dental insurance covers laser treatments, contact your dental insurance provider.

Are dental lasers painful?

No, dental lasers use light technology, so there is no physical part of the device touching your sensitive tissue. One of the benefits of lasers is that they offer painless dental treatment to patients.

Can lasers remove cavities?

Both children and adults can receive safe and efficient cavity treatment using lasers. A dental laser finds and cleans out the cavity to prepare it for a filling. Soft tissue procedures, such as exposing wisdom teeth, also utilize lasers. Lasers can also treat swelling gums brought on by braces or other orthodontics.

What happens after laser gum cleaning?

After laser gum therapy, it’s normal to experience mild bleeding, a little swelling, and minor pain. The body is improving blood flow to the treated area and is healing normally. You may feel some tenderness and sensitivity in your gums for a few days. However, you should gently brush your teeth and continue practicing good oral hygiene.

How do I prepare for laser gum surgery?

When performing laser gum surgery, patients will not require general anesthesia. Lasers are generally pain-free, so anesthesia is not necessary. We recommend dressing comfortably and staying hydrated before your procedure.

Get laser dentistry in Frederick, Maryland. Our dental office can use lasers for a variety of different dental treatments. Schedule a consultation at our office to determine if laser dentistry is the right choice for your needs. Call us or schedule an appointment online to begin.