Discover Dental Bonding Benefits

Have you noticed little aesthetic issues in your smile? Your dentist can help you amend minor flaws in the appearance of your teeth with dental bonding treatment. This cosmetic dental procedure is a quick, affordable, and effective way to enhance your smile.

Though this procedure is common, some dental patients may feel nervous about upcoming treatments if they do not know what to expect before their appointment. Dr. Sahil Goyal, a dentist practicing in Frederick, MD, responds to frequently asked questions regarding the cosmetic dental procedure, teeth bonding.

Discover Dental Bonding Benefits

How Can Cosmetic Teeth Bonding Help My Smile?

Teeth bonding is a type of cosmetic dental treatment, so its purpose is to enhance the appearance of a patient’s smile. More specifically, bonding can help with the following aesthetic concerns:

  • Whiten stained or discolored teeth
  • Amend minor chips and cracks in teeth
  • Fill gaps between teeth
  • Reshape irregular teeth

Your dentist will also consider your medical history, dental structure, and budget when helping develop a cosmetic treatment plan for your unique smile. They can determine if teeth bonding is the optimal procedure for you during a consultation appointment. Other cosmetic treatments are available if dental bonding does not help you get the smile of your dreams.

What Is the Bonding Procedure Like?

If you and your dentist decide to pursue teeth bonding treatment, the first step in this process will be to prepare the affected teeth. This involves scraping a small amount of enamel from the teeth so that the surface can be more amenable to the bonding material.

Your dentist will provide you with a local anesthetic for optimal comfort during this procedure. Next, the dentist will place composite resin onto the teeth and sculpt it according to your aesthetic goals.

The tooth-colored material is then hardened with a specialized light and polished for a beautiful, natural-looking finish. Before you leave the office, your dentist will check your bite to ensure that the treatment does not interfere with your oral function.

How Long Will I Notice Smile Enhancement Benefits?

You will recognize an enhancement in your smile directly after your teeth bonding procedure. Your dentist will recommend that you avoid foods and beverages that contain staining agents for at least 24 hours in order to preserve your cosmetic benefits. However, after this period, you can return to your usual diet, though you should follow your dentist’s aftercare guidelines.

Dental bonding effects will not last forever, but with proper care and maintenance, these results can endure for three to ten years. You can talk to your dentist about your eligibility for a touch-up if you notice effects beginning to fade within this time.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Available in Frederick

Frederick Center for Dentistry offers teeth bonding and other cosmetic dental treatments to patients in Frederick, MD. Dr. Goyal also specializes in implant, restorative, and general dentistry, including laser dental treatment options, for patients of all ages. To schedule a consultation with our practice, contact our staff online or reach us by phone at 301-264-5680.