The Cost of Dental Implants Frederick, MD

Frederick Center for Dentistry is located in Frederick, MD. We provide full service dental implants, and provide patients with an overall higher quality of life. It is no secret that dental implants involve a significant investment. However, they offer many more benefits compared to other solutions and are even better for your health.

The Cost of Dental Implants in Frederick Maryland

The Cost of Dental Implants

Schedule a consultation with our expert implant dentists to get an accurate estimate for a dental implant procedure. No two patients will have the same circumstances and will therefore require different care. During your consultation, your dentist will do a complete examination of your mouth. If you qualify for teeth implants, several factors will affect the total cost including:

  • How many teeth are missing
  • Where the missing teeth gaps are located
  • They type of restoration needed to replace the teeth
  • The number of dental implants required to support the restoration
  • The size and type of implants you need
  • Current oral health status
  • If you need a bone graft to qualify
  • If you need a sinus lift prior to implant placement

Without knowing the above information, it is hard to say how much your dental implants will cost. A single tooth implant can cost up to $5,000 while full mouth implant dentures can run in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Payments and financing options for Dental Implants in Frederick, MD

For your convenience, Frederick Center for Dentistry accepts many forms of payments including cash, check, major credit cards, and debit cards. We also accept CareCredit, which is like a medical credit card that helps finance many types of healthcare services.

If you qualify, CareCredit will finance your entire dental implant procedure. We are also in-network with Cigna, CareFirst, Delta, Aetna, and MetLife. Our team will help you maximize your benefits for your teeth replacement treatment.

Are dental implants covered by insurance?

Ultimately, it depends on your provider and the kind of coverage they offer. Dental implant treatments use many dental services and materials. All these services and materials add to the total cost.

Your individual plan may cover some portions of these things that contribute to the bottom line. For example, your provider may offer partial coverage for the tooth extraction, dental crown, and anesthesia, but not for the implant fixture or surgery to place it.

We suggest that you contact your dental insurance provider and discuss what they do and don’t cover.

Are dental implants worth the cost?

Dental implant restorations have a high compliance rate and a superior customer satisfaction rate. They are definitely worth the time and expense. This is the only teeth replacement solution that mimics the look and function of natural teeth. They can even prevent further advanced dental problems such as bone loss.

The implant fixtures can last forever. Fortunately, Frederick Center for Dentistry understands the high cost for teeth implants can be overwhelming. We will do everything we can to help maximize your insurance benefits and we accept CareCredit as well.

Investing in new teeth means you are investing in your long-term oral health and a higher quality of life. To learn more about our implant dentistry, see: