Multiple Dental Implants Frederick, MD

The Frederick Center for Dentistry offers several solutions for patients missing two or more teeth. Even though you have many options available, multiple dental implants are the best solution because of the many health and aesthetic benefits they offer. We have an expert dental team that allows us to perform every step of the implant process at our Frederick, MD dentist office.

Why Choose Multiple Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the only available solution that will help preserve the jaw bone. Bone loss in the jaw will result in an altered facial appearance that can make you appear older. People who wear dentures or have a bridge placed will eventually suffer from this. The dental implants that are secured in the jaw bone and support the restoration will also replace the missing teeth roots.

This provides the bone with enough stimulation to regenerate instead of deteriorating. Additionally, when teeth implants are used to secure a bridge or denture, you will have very little food restrictions. This is because the replacement teeth are more durable and stable.

Using Dental Implants to Secure a Denture or Dental Bridge

For patients missing multiple teeth, there are several available solutions that utilize dental implants. If you are missing a single tooth in several locations in your mouth, one dental implant secured dental crown will replace each tooth. However, if you are missing several consecutive missing teeth, a custom dental bridge can be fabricated and secured to at least two dental implants. And for patients missing an entire row of teeth, anywhere from four to eight dental implants can be used to replace those teeth.

multiple dental implants frederick md

Your Frederick, MD implant dentist can design a custom dental bridge that will replace three or more missing teeth. It works by placing at least one dental implant on each side of the gap. Then, the dentist secures the dental bridge to the dental implants.

Our dentist will not need remaining teeth to secure the prosthesis. An implant-supported bridge provides better support and is more stable versus traditional bridges.

multiple dental implants frederick md


For patients missing an entire arch of teeth, an implant supported denture will be fabricated to replace all those missing teeth. The dental implants will be strategically placed in locations along the jaw line. Then the denture is secured to the teeth implants. This method of hold the prosthesis in place is more secure.

You will never have to worry about your teeth shifting or falling out. They are also less bulky and easier to adjust to.

The Cost of Multiple Dental Implants

Dental implants are going to cost you more than any other teeth replacement solution. Especially when replacing multiple teeth. Not only are you paying for the dental restoration, but you also need to pay for the implant fixtures, surgical procedures, and other materials. This can put the total cost well into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Our helpful staff will work with you to determine how much of the treatment (if any at all) is covered by your dental insurance. We are in-network with Cigna, CareFirst, Delta, Aetna, and MetLife. For your convenience, we accept cash, checks, all major credit cards, and debit cards. We also accept CareCredit! They provide financing options for people who need help paying for dental care and who qualify.

Learn more about multiple dental implants. Call our Frederick, MD, dental office today to book your dental implants consultation. You can reach our office at 301-264-5680 or you can also request an appointment online.