Custom Mouthguard Frederick, MD

Do you or your child need a sports mouthguard? Some sports require them while others simply recommend them. A mouthguard is a piece of necessary equipment as they will protect your teeth and gums if you receive a blow to the face.

The Frederick Center for Dentistry offers custom sports mouthguards in Frederick, MD, as a general dentistry service. As a general dentist, Dr. Sahil Goyal recommends custom mouthguards for patients who play sports. They offer better protection for your teeth and gums versus cheap store-bought options.

Types of Mouthguards

Athletes need to wear mouthguards for contact sports, which often include football, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, soccer, and more. However, if you play any sports that require physical contact between players, you should wear a mouthguard. Stores have many types of mouthguards for you to choose from. The easiest options include stock mouthguards and boil and bite mouthguards that you can purchase from most stores.

A stock mouthguard comes in a few sizes but can be uncomfortable. Boil and bite mouthguards are the most popular because they can be custom fit to your teeth. They will fit better better than the stock kind if you prepare them correctly by following the directions.

The best type of mouthguard is a custom fit one. These are available from a dentist office. They are custom fit from dental impressions and made from quality materials.

Custom Sports Mouthguard in Frederick, MD

Benefits of Custom Sports Mouthguards

A custom-fit mouthguard offers the absolute best protection for your teeth and gums. Additionally, they also offer better comfort than store-bought options. Our options will fit snugly over your teeth. Custom mouthguards also help reduce jaw clenching that typically occurs when wearing a poor-fitting mouthguard.

Custom mouthguards can:

  • Reduce stress and impact on teeth
  • Prevent tooth loss
  • Fit securely
  • Reduce the chance of concussion
  • Protect dental work from damage
  • Provide a stable result
  • Allow for better performance
  • Reduce stress on the jaw joints

Store bought stock and boil and bite mouthguards found in grocery and drug stores do not offer the same benefits. They may fall out, make it difficult to speak, and will wear down quickly. Professional custom-fit mouthguards will fit securely and not restrict speech.

Receiving a Custom Sports Mouthguard

Dr. Goyal creates custom-fit mouthguards for children and adult patients. He takes molds of your or your child’s mouth to create the mouthguard. These dental molds will ensure that the mouthguard fits properly, so it is comfortable and does not fall out during sports games.

You should clean your mouthguard regularly and thoroughly with an antibacterial solution, at least once a month. Cleaning the mouthguard frequently prevents bacteria from multiplying and keeps the appliance fresh for regular use.

Sports Mouthguards Vs. TMJ Night Guards

In addition to sports mouthguards, we offer custom TMJ night guards as well. You wear these overnight, as much teeth grinding happens while we’re sleeping. Like sports mouthguards, we make them specifically to fit your mouth and needs. They prevent your teeth from grinding together and help to position the jaw correctly, evening it out.

When you have one of these mouthguards, it’s tempting to try to use it for both conditions. But it’s crucial that you don’t use your mouthguard for anything other than its express purpose. Sports mouthguards consist of a light, bulky material so they absorb shock. If you try to use them to prevent teeth grinding, you’ll damage both the mouthguard and your teeth.

TMJ mouthguards consist of a thinner and harder compound. Instead of absorbing shocks, they hold your jaw position and preventing damage from teeth grinding. If you try to use this as a sports mouthguard, it wouldn’t offer much more protection than not having a guard in at all.

Mouthguard Care

Maintaining your mouthguard is essential to its longevity. If you don’t properly clean the mouthguard, it’s a haven for bacteria to grow and develop. Putting a bacteria-covered mouthguard in your mouth can make you sick or can even be deadly.

At the bare minimum, rinse your mouthguard with warm water after each use. Don’t use hot water, as this can warp the material of the mouthguard. Clean your mouthguard daily with a mild cleaner. You can use non-abrasive toothpaste, antibacterial soap, mouthwash, or baking soda.

You should deep clean the mouthguard at least once a month, using things like denture cleaner or hydrogen peroxide. Each time you clean or rinse it, put it somewhere to air dry completely. A warm, wet environment is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

When you’re not using it, store it in a ventilated case. You’ll always know where it is, and the ventilation ensures that the mouthguard stays dry. Make sure that you’re regularly cleaning the storage case, too.

Custom Mouthguard FAQs

Not sure if you need a custom mouthguard? Read through our mouthguards frequently asked questions section to learn more about them. If you still have further questions, contact us for immediate help.

How long do mouthguards last?

Although mouthguards can last for three to five years, you should replace them each year to make sure they fit properly each sports season. After repeated use, the fit of the mouthguard can change. Be sure to keep track of your child’s mouthguard so that you replace it at the right time.

How do I know if my mouthguard fits properly?

Your mouthguard should fit securely to your teeth, so you should not need to bite or clench the mouthguard. If your mouthguard does not fit properly, it can fall out or restrict your speech. So make sure that it fits correctly. Please call our Frederick dental office if you need a new mouthguard.

Is a custom-made mouthguard better?

Custom-fitted mouthguards consist of thermoplastic, which is much more durable than typical store-bought mouthguards. Also, custom-made mouthguards mold exactly to your mouth, so they are much more likely to fit comfortably and last longer than other options.

How should a custom mouthguard fit?

If you don’t have to clench your jaw or bite down firmly to keep your guard in place, it’s an excellent fit. Your mouthguard should ideally fit tightly against your top teeth without shifting or you clenching your jaw to hold it together.

Should my mouthguard cover my back teeth?

No part of your teeth should be visible you are wearing your mouthguard. Your mouthguard should cover and protect all portions of your teeth, including the back ones.

Get a Custom Mouthguard in Frederick, MD. To schedule a dental exam with Dr. Goyal, you can request an appointment on our website. You can also call the Frederick Center for Dentistry at 301-264-5680. Ask our dental team any questions about mouthguards or any of our other dental services!