Dental Implants vs Dentures Frederick, MD

Dental Implants and Dentures in Frederick, MD

The dental team at Frederick Center for Dentistry in Frederick, MD offer complete care for dental implants as well as dentures to replace a row of missing teeth. Patients who are missing one or both rows of teeth will need to decide whether to get a traditional denture or a denture support by dental implants. While both options will replace your missing teeth, there are many things to consider when making your decision. The dentists at Frederick Center for Dentistry want to help make this decision by discussing the pros and cons of both.

Dental Implants vs Dentures in Frederick, MD

About Dental Implants

Dental implants are one portion of a teeth replacement strategy. They are made of the durable metal, titanium. Titanium is often used for replacement parts in the human body since it is not harmful to human tissue. Teeth implants come in many shapes and sizes so they can be used at various locations along the jaw. Once implanted into the jaw bone, they will create a stable anchor to support a new restoration.

About Traditional Dentures

Dentures are made up of fake teeth that are attached to a base that is made out of acrylic. The color of this base is designed to mimic the color of gum tissue to blend in naturally. Dentures rest on the gums and rely on suction to remain in place. Traditional dentures are removable and must be taken out daily for cleaning and care.
Dental Implants vs Dentures

Are Dentures the Right Solution for You?

Traditional dentures have been used for a long time to successfully replace missing teeth. They offer an affordable and quick solution for patients missing all their teeth. We can have your new teeth designed, fabricated, and fitted in less than a month. Dentures are very affordable especially when compared to the price of a dental implant supported denture. However, they are not the best solution for missing teeth.

There are many cons to wearing dentures. They will feel very bulky in the mouth and may take months to get used to. You will have to change the way you eat and speak. Since they only rely on suction, they are not very stable. Dentures are known to shift in the mouth leading to problems with speaking and eating. This will limit the types of food you are able to chew.

Dental Implants are the Best Solution for Missing Teeth

A dental implant supported denture is the best solution if you are missing an entire row of teeth. When compared to traditional dentures, they are low maintenance and will interfere less with your daily life. The denture will be attached to up to eight dental implants making it very stable and durable. It will never move around in your mouth or affect your speech. You will also have more chewing power so you can consume a larger variety of food. The denture will not be as bulky so it will feel and look more natural. The dental implants will also act as teeth roots and prevent bone loss in the jaw. This means the natural shape of your face will not be affected.

The major downside to choosing dental implants is the cost and treatment time. It will cost tens of thousands of dollars to replace a whole mouth of missing teeth with denture implants. Additionally, the entire process can take up to a year to complete.

Learn more about dental implants versus dentures at our dental office. Book a consultation today at Frederick Center for Dentistry in Frederick, MD, to learn more about your missing teeth replacement options. You can reach us at 301-264-5680 or request an appointment online. At your appointment, your dentist will discuss the pros and cons of each option.