Dental Concerns Frederick, MD

The important thing to know about dental concerns is that they only get worse as time goes on. That’s why, at Frederick Center for Dentistry, we prioritize your dental concerns and ensure they are resolved in a timely manner.

Whether you are struggling with sleep apnea or are in need of restorative solutions for missing or damaged teeth, we can provide you with a wide range of dental services to resolve these issues. Our office welcomes patients of all ages. No matter what your dental concern is, we encourage you to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience so that we can restore your dental health.

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Complete Dentistry in Frederick, MD

Our dentist office is home to some of the most experienced dentists in the Frederick, MD area. Because of our doctors’ wide range of dental experiences and education, our office is able to assist you with any and all of your dental health needs. The following are common dental concerns that we treat in our office:

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums, or gingivitis, are an indication that gum disease has begun to develop. To prevent gum disease, we recommend scheduling regular dental cleanings with our office at least once every six months. Also, you will need to brush your teeth every day as well as floss. If gum disease has already begun to affect your smile, we offer restorative solutions such as periodontal disease treatment to help get your smile back to its optimal health. If your gums have begun to bleed, do not wait to seek treatment. To learn more about how we treat bleeding gums, see Bleeding gums.

Crooked Teeth

Patients often visit our office looking for cosmetic solutions for their crooked teeth. While teeth that are out of alignment may only seem like a cosmetic issue, they can also lead to oral health problems. They are harder to keep clean which make you more susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease. There are several ways you can straighten crooked and misaligned teeth without using metal braces. Our office is proud to offer Invisalign treatment to help patients achieve their dream smiles. To learn more about other ways you can achieve a straighter smile, see Crooked teeth.


Tension headaches, earaches, and jaw pain are all symptoms of a TMJ disorder. This is a disorder involving the temporomandibular joints that are located on either side of your head, just in front of your ears. These joints connect your lower jaw to your skull and is responsible for all the movement of your mouth. When this joint is injured or irritated, many people suffer from frequent headaches that make it difficult to carry on with daily activities. To help patients relieve TMJ symptoms, we offer TMJ treatment that is personalized to the individual needs of your smile. To learn more about how TMJ disorders can lead to frequent headaches, see Headache.

Missing Teeth

If you have missing, broken, or chipped teeth, our office offers comprehensive restorative dentistry solutions to restore your smile. No matter how you damaged your smile, we will come up with a treatment plan that is customized to your needs, wants, and budget. Dental implants, dental bridges, dental crowns, dentures, and partials are some of the restorative treatments that we may suggest for your smile. To learn more about these missing teeth treatments, see Missing teeth.

Sleep Apnea

If you or someone you know suffers from loud snoring, there is a chance you could be experiencing obstructive sleep apnea. To help patients resolve their sleep apnea and achieve a good night’s rest, we offer oral appliance therapy including custom mouthguards. Our dentists are experienced in helping patients manage their sleep apnea symptoms. To learn more about how to treat sleep apnea, see Sleep apnea.

Schedule A Dental Exam Today

Our Frederick dental office welcomes new patients, even if you have been away from the dentist for some time and would like to explore restoring your dental health. We provide comprehensive care and offer dental sedation to make your experience pleasant and comfortable.

Call our office to schedule a dental exam with one of our dentists or use our convenient online request form. We look forward to meeting with you and learning more about your unique needs and goals when it comes to the health and appearance of your natural smile.